Louise Damas

Put on literature’s most beautiful jewelry. An ambitious project achieved by the young parisian designer, Louise Damas.

Her collections are of a whole new ethnic, urban and poetic femininity.
The semi-precious pearls are mixed with brass and crystal, gold get twisted in our hair and here we are transported into her universe.

Louise got inspired by her reading, heroins of literature ; of her literature. From Lolita to Phèdre and Célimène, she elegantly pays tribute to those who have accompanied her in the creation of her collections.

«Literature is an infinite source of inspiration, it allows to explore every periods, countries, personalities, and thus create jewels very diferents from each others, with multiple shapes, colors and materials, on which all women can identify.»

Louise Damas creates her eponym brand in 2012, while she is still studying Literature at La Sorbonne.

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Jeanne Necklace
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