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Lying Leopard Mini Round Necklace
Giraffe with Pompon Necklace
Peacock mini round necklace
Pepita Low Hanging necklace
La Plage Blue Necklace
Short Mojito Necklace
Long Mojito Necklace in Swarovski Cristal
Blue and White Fish Necklace
Donkey and Peppers Rosario Necklace
Grey Cat necklace gold plated
Lying Black Panther Mini Necklace
La Plage Gold Plated Fish Necklace
Beach Party Short Necklace
Beach Party Long Guitar Necklace
Short Mojito Necklace in Swarovski Cristal
Flying Rainbow Unicorn Necklace
White Cristal Pearls Necklace
Capsule Collection Feline & Leo Medallion Necklace
Long Guitar Necklace in Swarovski Cristal
Numbereed edition Sea Turtle and Baby Necklace
Rosario Tiger Necklace
Cactus and Coral Necklace
Chihuahua Necklace
Red Panda Necklace
Kissing Flamingo Necklace
Tiny Flying Bluetit Necklace
Tiny Bright Bee eater Necklace
White and Gold Kissing Swans Necklace
White and Gold Peacock Necklace
Toucan Necklace
Toucan Necklace
Parrots in Pineapple Necklace
Hungry Pelican Necklace
Tiny Mouse on Mushroom Necklace
Mice in Mushroom Necklace
Natural Peacock Necklace
Hummingbird Necklace
76 results
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