Sophie Goetsch Bijoux

Stunning and original jewerly handmade in France
31 results
La Plage Gold Plated Fish Necklace
Long Mojito Necklace in Swarovski Cristal
Long Guitar Necklace in Swarovski Cristal
La Plage Blue Necklace
Mojito Green Lemon Earrings
Short Mojito Necklace
Cowgirl bird short Necklace
Cowgirl smoky quartz short Necklace
Cowgirl short Necklace
Chat Alors short Necklace
Chat Alors Double Bracelet or Necklace
Cowgirl Double Bracelet or Necklace
La Plage Double Bracelet
Mojito Hoops Earrings
Abyss Light Blue Bracelet
Beach Party Short Necklace
Grey Shells Necklace
Grey Shells Earrings
Grey Shells Round Earrings
La Plage Blue Earrings
Beach Party Long Guitar Necklace
Beach Party Bracelet
Short Mojito Necklace in Swarovski Cristal
Mojito Green Lemon Clip Earrings
Mojito Multico Swarovski Bracelet
Mojito Green Flamingo Earrings
Mojito Yellow Swarovski Bracelet
La Plage Mini Hoops Earrings
Mojito Small Hoops Earrings
Mojito Yellow Earrings
Mojito Enamel Bracelet
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