Morning June was created in 2016 in Singapore. Jessica, the founder, chose this name because of her daughter born a morning of June.

Jessica works with artisans who have their very specific universe and create beautiful and playful handmade jewellery.
Passionate about sharing the art of French savoir-faire, she feels very lucky to work with small designers and try to help by giving them visibility. She wants to preserve the French craftsmanship which is a part of her heritage.

Behind each piece, there is a human story.
Since each piece is unique, wearing it make you feel special.

I try to preserve the craftsmanship of my country, France by giving to small designers a visibility in Singapore. Recently I extended the countries and I discovered other jewels : ethical handmade with love, and always unique.

Each piece is handmade with passion and behind each jewelry there is a human story that I am happy to tell to my customers.

One my designer works with one Alzheimer's disease people. Doing the same gesture every day helps him to keep and maintain memory.

Another designer is Member of the National Office of the Preservation of the Insect. She makes amazing jewelry with real butterflies (once they passed away) and with recycled gears of vintage watches. She works closely with butterflies farms all around the world and by buying very rare species she helps to preserve them.

Another one works in family, with daughter and son and transmits like that all her "savoir-faire".


I could talk about designers and jewelry during hours, so if you need more information, feel free to come back to me. I really want people feels unique when they wear jewel from Morning June.

Morning June is the exclusive distributor for Nach Bijoux in Singapore. Nach was created in 2011 and based in Toulouse, France, is above all the story of two sisters : Nadia and Nanyc Koch. They have built on their family know-how in the porcelain handicraft to create jewels and accessories unique in their conception and their style.

All our porcelaine pieces are handmade and handpainted. The design of their animal jewerly is unmistakable. Everyone will find its "talisman"piece within the timeless Nach Collection.

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